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Nathalie Laoue

Dear Art Lovers,

My name is Nathalie Lauoe. I am a French artist living in Singapore for many years. I was raised in the countryside in the middle of vineyards of Cognac. My tastes are simple: I love watching the beauty that lies in the little things. I love watching beautiful lights, beautiful colours and beautiful textures. I love my job: painting.

One of my greatest pleasures is wandering through the streets of Singapore seeking great lights and colours that inspire me. Walking in the street made me discover the Shophouses. I fell in love at first sight. Since then, wherever I go, I've been looking for them and they became my main source of inspiration.
I also work with Nonya Ware, a preponderant part of the Peranakan culture heritage of Singapore, as much as Shophouses.

"Art does not want the representation of a beautiful thing but the beautiful representation of a thing." E. Kant

My vocation was unexpected. I was not a painter, I became it. I was neither precocious, nor prodigy, my art arose from my enthusiasm for the colours, and doubtless from some predispositions. But it is the will and the work who allowed me to make it a profession. There is no fate, there is only what we are doing.

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