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Linda Preece

"Vibrant. Bold. Memorable. These are the words that often accompany testimonials from happy clients.  I like knowing my artwork evokes feelings and emotions that are both mesmerizing and awe-inspiring.

When I see my artwork in a room, I can feel it's raw energy emanating through the vibrancy of its colors, claiming no excuses and asking for attention. In a way, my artwork is a reflection of my journey as a photographer and expresses my passion for living life in color.

Having travelled the world and experienced other cultures and ways of life, it has given me a deeper appreciation for the little red dot we call home: Singapore.  The tropical scenery, East meets West heritage, and world-renowned iconic attractions are the inspiration for my artistic prints and style of photography. Every piece in my collection is designed to capture everlasting memories for travelers and expatriates to Singapore reminding them of their incredible experiences and times living in this amazing city. 

I welcome the opportunity to introduce you to my Vibrant Singapore collection and the stories behind every art piece.  

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