Singapore Memories Tai Tai's House


Traditionally Tai tai (太太) was a Chinese colloquial term for an elected head-wife of a multi-wife family. But we follow the new age definition. This states Tai-Tai as "a wealthy, married woman, who doesn't need to work for a living." Signs that you are a Tai-Tai:

-Your handbags are usually worth a typical office worker's 2-5 months salary.

-The bag will hold the latest model of handphone and a card holder filled with credit cards & membership cards.

-Flawless skin, manicured hands & delicate make-up are your trademarks.

-You have time to pursue your interests & often like to visit malls.

-If the mall doesn't have stuff to your liking, you can think of going to other cities which will have what you want.

Net Volume: 50ml

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