Singapore Memories Orchard and Orchids


In 1830, Orchard Road was lined with numerous nutmeg, pepper and fruit farms. This is how the popular street got it's original name. The plantations started to disappear in the 1960s because of falling nutmeg prices and disease. Soon the businessmen took over & developed it as a market place. Today, it is one of the poshest shopping areas in Asia. In 1988, a new tradition started. Sometimes, the street would be closed down and turned into party place called "Swing Singapore". The first "Swing Singapore" event saw a turnout of 250,000 participants. In one night, it consumed enough electricity to power 50 discos & light up 400 HDB flats. We bring you the happiness of "Swing Singapore", combined with Nutmeg & Orchard.

Net Volume: 50ml

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