Fit For A Queen Set

SKU: TG-HAMPER-009-pink-red-hp5551pk

This deluxe set includes an exclusive pair of White Japanese Akoya Pearl Earrings, paired with a beautifully handmade batik mask and a matching batik apron, all in a batik gift box. This set also features a femininely scented Perfume Vanda 1981 from the Singapore Memories collection. Not forgetting a perfectly paired ceramic vase with complimentary dried roses, and lastly an eco cup from Marijke Böhm to enjoy a good ol’ cuppa. 

Set includes:

White Japanese Akoya Pearl Earrings 

Perfume Vanda 1981

Marijke Böhm travel mug

Ceramic Vase with complimentary dried roses 

Batik Mask

Batik Apron 

Batik Gift Box 

Choose from 2 different eco cup designs from artist Marijke Böhm. 

Choose from red, purple, blue, yellow, green, white or black themed batik prints. 

Choose from 6 different vase sizes. 

Matching dried roses are complimentary and given at random.